Compliant Collaboration

Organization on Point

Simplifying the organization of work so that you can focus on what really matters

Card like concept picture with the CoCo Logo in the center. around the logo are icons that symbolize collaboration as shaking hands, decisions as a check box with checked and crossed side, organizational structure with a hierarchy, documents, and statistics through a graph.
Image showing the connection of Hierarchy and Value creation Team Network
Responsibility Assignment & Team Management


Clear responsibility assignments accelerates team-norming and improves cross-functional collaboration on every project

Accountability & Decision Management


Compliance is driven through transparency and enforced accountability, reducing conflict and enabling guidance to avoid misunderstanding

Single Source of Truth


One cockpit to find all projects, teams, and decisions related to your work based on what role is assigned to you

Your Benefit from using CoCo

Enable Simplification

Clear Responsibilities

For every team through mandatory role assignment in an optimized and simplified team-manager interface

Decision Making

Simplified decision making and documentation in context of the project with transparency according to one's role

Risk Assessment

Instant risk overview on all projects you are accountable and responsible for

Save effort and time with CoCo’s out-of-the-box solution. Its intuitive and robust design makes it the perfect choice for creating an easy-to-use project management single source of truth, seamlessly integrated into the collaborative environment of Microsoft Teams.

Counter increasing complexity of Work Organization

Utilize CoCo and simplify your work

You can access CoCo over the Microsoft Appsource Marketplace.

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