How It Works

CoCo seamlessly integrates the core functionalities of Project Management into MS Teams, allowing users to conveniently access them right where the work takes place.

Our platform introduces intuitive Compliance within Collaboration by incorporating transparent Responsibility through innovative role-based Team-Management and Accountability via documented Decision and Risk-Management processes. The outcome is improved guidance and streamlined work organization, leading to significant time savings for both management and project operations.

Simplicity is Our Vision

Simplifying the organization of work, so that you can focus on what really matters

As work becomes increasingly complex, the most logical approach to address this challenge is through the simplification of everything surrounding it, particularly the organization of work. Over time, automation will handle tasks that are easy and repetitive, leaving us with mainly complex, project-based, and cross-functional work. Instead of compounding the complexity by employing unnecessary intricate and encapsulated IT systems, CoCo aims to streamline the organization of work. This is achieved by implementing user-friendly methods for staffing teams and making decisions, while leveraging existing information to enhance compliance through accountability. As a result, the effort and time spent on non-value creating activities are reduced, generating a surplus of time that can be utilized to create more value or dedicate to whatever matters most to you.

Role-Based Responsibility Assignment

Clarity of responsibility in every project to generate a real picture of accountability across the organization

Decision and Risk Management

Transparent and guiding decision making, based on risks in the context of work

Consolidation of Relevant Information

Knowing what you are working on with the guidance you need to be efficient

Role-based Responsibility Assignment

The core of CoCo is enabling value-creation networks with integrated hierarchy accountability through RACI

CoCo optimizes the team management function of MS Teams, adding generic RACI role responsibility to every member of the team, transforming teams into projects, communities, or initiatives. Clarity of responsibility is created through the following 4 generic roles:

  • Responsible: Leader & manager of the project, authority for decision making
  • Accountable: Active resource givers, compliance drivers, seniors of the organization from involved divisions
  • Contributor: Those getting the job done, supporting and driving the solution for complex challenges
  • Informed: Passive team members to be informed about the project’s progress 

Accountability Inheritance: At CoCo, accountability goes beyond the scope of individual projects. Similar to real-life scenarios, accountability is inherited throughout the line-manager hierarchy. This approach allows CoCo to utilize the organizational structure effectively, granting transparency of projects and their associated risks to the line-managers accountable for these projects. As a result, those individuals who hold accountability for specific projects, as defined by their positions and roles within the organization, can readily assess current risks and, if necessary, intervene or actively participate in the decision-making process as required

By implementing a role-based approach to vertically inherit accountability, CoCo effectively connects the organizational hierarchy to the value-creation-networks of projects, communities, and initiatives. This unique approach positions CoCo as the pioneering application that establishes a real and measurable dual-operating system, as envisioned by John Kotter in his book ‚Leading Change.‘


A Value-Creation-Network comprises interconnected Teams working on complex problems, each striving to create value, and may or may not be interrelated. These teams are known by various names, such as projects, teams, communities, initiatives, or even divisions in smaller organizations. Due to their decentralized nature, they can achieve higher levels of efficiency and agility.

CoCo leverages the MS-Teams „Team-framework“ and enhances it by incorporating Project-related information, optimized team-management with responsibility assignment, and decision- & risk-management functionalities. While Microsoft’s solution already includes Project-centered file storage, task assignment (e.g., Kanban board), and communication through Project Channels, CoCo App builds upon these features to further streamline and improve collaboration.


Every organization naturally adopts a hierarchical structure, as it aligns with human nature and supports social functioning. Within organizations, these hierarchies are typically defined as line-manager hierarchies, establishing divisions, departments, or areas of affiliation for individuals within the organization. The primary function of such hierarchies is to clarify position-based accountability and provide the necessary authority for decision-making.

Drawing upon the advantages of this hierarchical framework, CoCo strategically leverages it to vertically inherit access. This inheritance allows Accountables to assess risks and take necessary actions for projects under their direct and indirect supervision, thereby fostering transparency and accountability. As a result, compliance is enhanced, and the organization benefits from a more streamlined and effective decision-making process.

Risk- and Decision-Management

Risks are an inherent part of any project and demand effective management. Although several methodologies exist for managing risks, such as risk registers or identifying them in project status reports, it is crucial to complement their identification with decisive actions. Unfortunately, risks are often reported only when requested, and the outcomes of decisions are rarely documented, leaving room for potential misinterpretations and misunderstandings. This challenge becomes even more complex in a multi-project environment, making the task seemingly insurmountable.

CoCo offers a powerful solution by enabling you to gather risks, providing Accountables with an overview of risks associated with their direct and indirect projects. Through a simple red, yellow, green project status system for high-level visibility and a detailed risk list for more granular insights, CoCo ensures that all levels of risk identification are easily accessible and user-friendly.

Once risks are identified, they must be managed with decisive actions, serving as guiding examples for the entire project. Within CoCo, decisions can be created and managed by the project Responsible, while Accountables and other relevant decision-makers are invited to participate in voting on the decision’s content. This transparent process allows all project members to view the outcome of the decision, while the details of individual votes are visible only to the decision participants.

In essence, CoCo simplifies project governance, integrating risk and decision management seamlessly into the work context, where transparency has the most significant guiding effect for all project members.

CoCo in a Nutshell

CoCo seamlessly integrates with MS-Teams, enabling organizations to work in a value-creation network of projects while leveraging the accountability and decision-making functions of the organizational hierarchy in a transparent, simple, and time-efficient manner.

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